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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The concept of product packaging in today business world has gone beyond just putting your product in a random normal bags or boxes. No, it is way beyond that. Product packaging has become a medium of communication whereby you promote your brand, attract more customers, and increase sales, which, of course, will result in overall turnaround for your business growth. Moreover, the business world is becoming saturated and competitive these days, and it is however important you work on your product packaging including your existing packaging box (especially high-end products) to Premium Boxes in Foil Material. This will help your products stand out from the competition products with normal boxes.

Of course, two out of a few trending product packaging boxes you should consider for your product packaging is Laser Foil and Metalized Foil Box. Foil boxes are considered high-end materials in the Packaging category. Naturally, Metalized foil boxes come in two unique styles; silver foil packaging and gold foil packaging. Something interesting in these two unique boxes is that any product can fit in these product packaging boxes – be it cosmetics, shoes, Paper Bags, Book Cover, bakery product, foods or any beverage products, and Point of Purchase Promotional Display.

These items are your best grabs if you are looking for an effective packaging solution that adds value to your products and arrest the attention of your buyers. To elaborate this further, we have drawn out some points to prove why you should choose Laser Foil or Metalized Foil Box over normal boxes.


Normal boxes might look a little attractive when properly customized buy nothing can beat the visual experience a Laser Foil or Metalized Foil Box will give your products. No doubt, these boxes are one of the few things your customers are looking forward to any time they order for any of your products. Plus, these Laser foil and metalized foil boxes have a natural way of capturing your customers’ attention and give them the desire to touch it. Just imagine how your customers will feel when browsing through the shelves for a particular product, and boom then come in contact with your brand well packaged in a laser foil or metalized box. Trust me; you already win their attention and trust.


Naturally, Laser Foil and Metalized Foil Boxes are hard to print on because the ink on it the material won’t dry easily. They are made from foil film and laminated onto cardboard materials, which means they require some special printing machine to create a fantastic result. However, with our unique Offset Print machine, we can easily handle this material for printing at a competitive cost. Therefore, if you have any printing method you’ve imagined in your mind, these boxes are your best choice. I would say with a high-quality laser foil and metalized box printing features, these boxes will not only add more value to your products but also create a long-lasting positive impression on your customers.


We have varieties of finishing for your foil packaging boxes, and each finishing has its unique features and styles that can change the look and feel of your packaging box. You can go for embossing to add patterns or logos to the box. Besides that, the unique Drip-Off Coating effect can be applied to the particular spot area of the box as well to achieve the matte sandblast effect. You can even have a customized window cut out on the box as well. This will enable your customers to see what is inside the box. Hence, making your brand more transparent. Emboss / Deboss UV Varnish (Glossy Effect) UV-Drip Off Coating (Sand Blast Matte Effect)


We guess this is what you’ve been looking forward to reading since the beginning of this article. The cost of production is slightly higher in comparison to regular rigid boxes. However, it worth the price, especially when you consider its significant impact on your brand packaging and the overall return. Quality foil packaging places you way ahead of your competition in terms of branding and product identity. And the good news is we can produce and print the High-End Packaging Foil Box for you at a competitive price.

These special materials packaging boxes can capture your customer’s attention and give them the desire to touch them. And of course, speaking of psychologically, you already have a higher chance to convince them of your brand quality when compared to that of your competitors. We provide Premium Foil Packaging Boxes, Paper Bags, Book Covers, and Point of Purchase Materials that will beautify and enhance your product quality. All our services are available at competitive prices, and we do not compromise on quality. Contact Us Now to get competitive quotes.

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Apr 09, 2022

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