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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Point of Purchase is one of the most effective marketing strategy that remains relevant and efficient till today. It is simply the placement of advertisement or any marketing material close to the retail store of the particular merchandise you are promoting. Naturally, these products are placed in an open space, like Floor Display Standee or other areas where customers make their purchase decision.

Point of Purchase system otherwise call POP is indispensable in the marketing world, especially in a retail store. It can also be used during trade shows, promotional exhibitions, seminars, and other events where you can easily capture potential customers. POP has a profound influence on customers shopping behavior and plays an active role in inspiring and persuading shoppers to the point of purchase.

However, some people are still undermining the power of this fantastic marketing strategy, so we made it our responsibility to put you through five practical reasons you should do point of purchase marketing.


According to the concept of marketing, any marketing that wins the customers attention is already 50% successful. Point of Purchase is visually striking and consistently captivates the attention of potential customers. Good point of purchase marketing encompasses good product branding and visual communication that is interactive to your customers.

And this is one of the beautiful features of POP marketing, you have multiple options on how you want to display your goods. The POP display all come in different forms and styles like Floor Display Standee, Hangsell, and Wobbler. While some displays are specially designed for customers' interaction like the Counter-Top Display Standee, some are great for creating a visually striking experience like the Shelf Tray/ Highlighter. Whichever one that appeals to you; you will surely grasp your customers attention.

Capture your customers attention

Great for good product branding and visual communication

Gives your multiple options on how to visualize your goods


Another exciting thing about Point of Purchase marketing is its significant influence on customers purchase decision. Just as the popular saying, "seeing is believing". The sheer attractiveness in Point of Purchase marketing allows customers to see the available good and make their purchase decision at the spot without going home to give it another thought. According to a study carried out by the point of purchase association international, about 82% of purchase decisions are made inside the store. Plus, the POP is very versatile and easy to maintain with an average salesperson because the Point-of-Purchase display is already doing the talking.

Influences customer purchasing decision